The Labyrinth - Sunwaysite

10 August 2017

The Labyrinth

Reed in the Delta grows to 6 m tall. It has edible parts, very delicious raw. In some places the Delta’s Reed is traditionally harvested and exported to other European countries as a building material most of which goes to Germany.

The telephoto, that I grow to really love, is aimed at a fisherman who in the falling darkness is adjusting his nets and traps unaware that he is being frozen in time (ISOs 3600-5000). We were resting in this spot for quite a while waiting for the sunset. Zlatka now shooting the scene, pressing the remote at intervals while at one moment also taking out the third camera and taking a shot of me.

Another magical day in the Delta. In a couple of minutes, we were walking a few km to the place where we were spending night, going through what we saw and thought today.

We have processed a good part of the images. We will be adding more from this little project alongside the Jungles and to a lesser extent the Borneo collection as we are in the middle of preparations for our trek in the Himalayas. This is going to be long, physical and with little support (like electricity or roof above the head) so we are reviewing all our trekking gear meticulously. That includes a newer version of battery, a new 35 mil lens or the Sigma 100-400 OS C on the photographic gear side. Good light and take care everybody.

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