Recent Developments in Photographic Tools II

29 September 2018

Electronic viewfinder mirrorless cameras are branching off the major camera manufacturers systems.

Nikon and Canon (October 2018, Nikon) release 135 format ML cameras alongside their DSLRs. While this can be considered to have a minor effect on photography, reconfiguration of the system by introduction of new mounts represents a major optimisation of 135 format lens for a long time. It ensures that ideal path of light is set on its way through the optics to the sensor at the time when demands on the lens increased and space and light are becoming increasingly precious commodity in the lens design, literally a material too expensive to be wasted.

This can be seen as the manufacturers focused on 135 format trying to capitalise on the change, utilising advancements in electronics and related solutions that transferred mechanics to electronic level, using it as an opportunity to reset parameters for the 135 format system lens.

Electronic devices company and MFT system camera manufacturer Panasonic joins Sony (October 2018) in developing 135 format system camera with emphasis on video.

Sigma broadens integration of its third-party system lens by cooperation with Panasonic.

MF Fujifilm GFX 50S (2017) - Fujifilm joins Ricoh’s Pentax (semi) Medium Format entry (ca 0.79 crop factor to 135 format [1.26 x] and 1.27 crop for 640 MF (film);

it becomes second prosumer MF system manufactured along with Leica S (October 2015) and other luxury systems.

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Recent Developments in Photographic Tools I

9 June 2015

Last 3 years saw significant evolutionary progress of digital technologies and in development of tools for photographers. This is my summary of those that are most important and influential as seen from a photographer’s standpoint.

Introduction of 135 format lines of cameras with 24 - 36 Mp and opening the format to a wide market (D600, D800/E, 6D, A7/R)

Increase in sensor size across the entire range of segments and emergence of compact solutions at the same time; increase in cost/performance ratio 

Introduction of Sigma Global Vision lenses and some unique designs 

Development of mirrorless systems

Wider integration of electronic shutter

Introduction of phase Fresnel lens in Nikkor 300/4 VR accessed a refined stage of the technology to a wider market

Introduction of Pentax 645Z

And a distinct step forward in maturity of colour management environment; associated technologies entering wider market; evolution of IPS technologies

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