Racism, Religion and Blood


As mind we are one

16 November  2014

We are very closely related to one another. Our cells, our genes. Related may not even be the right word for it.

Not sure that understanding this is the root of the trouble I have in mind, though. Ok, this is not exactly about those cases...

We live in different and very different groups, I like to say, tribes. There are many factors involved. That can make us a little different. It can sometimes make us very different.

The differences can lead to even greater differences. To such kind of differences, we stop understanding each other. To that extent that we refuse to. And that refusal can become part of us. And that refusal can become part of them.

Then the mental, moral or spiritual progress crosses this path. I would like to skip the term progress but it is a content that left aside would create a lie. So. Many. Factors. It crosses that path right across and runs through its heart.

So common sense again, you think. Simple it may seem, yet that far it is.

We all are extremely closely related to one another...

We are all just like one. As it happens, we can become separated otherwise. Just as brothers and sisters can.

And although it is a duty of those who CAN (ancient as the human race itself) to assist with their best efforts to those who CAN’T, there comes a point when that cannot be done because something is not ready.

Something that is not ready, that doesn't need it. Something that will connect the next decade, next century, next... It will be ready one day. It always is eventually and our own past is comprised of nothing but a long chain of this. It seems like some sort of a progress..

That readiness, the right time applies to understanding those ‘factors’. And that ‘progress’, too. So understanding it can’t be always easily ‘explained’ to whoever that seems to need it. It does not sound good but that is the reality and the way it is. Maybe good and maybe not, I leave this with you.

The best way of ‘sorting it out’ is to be sorting out ourselves. Especially when it is the only thing left. The good thing is that the room for it never ends. The bad that it is the hardest thing to do so we readily divert to other non-options instead. As unbelievable as it sounds, it is effective towards the others. Though it can never sort out the ‘separation related problems’ completely and will leave us hopeless many times over and again. And there will be bloodsheds again.

I see people making good points but lost in their own separation. Some things need time and less talk. Others may miss the other bits. I don’t think many people understand exactly the ‘issue’. There are those with a good intuition and those with a bad one. And many grades in-between.

There will come times when people's (collective) mind will enjoy much greater integrity. This still is a basic problem after all. We have other issues to solve. We are moving forward but it’s a tough and slow going. Do not give up.

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