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Part 2

10 September 2017

In global climate, making the direct links between particular factors and their particular resulting effects is not really possible to do correctly.

E.g. we can say with a very good probability what effects the human activity has on the current climate but it’s a lot harder to see exactly what results (climate) we would have without the impacts of the Anthropocene.

We are not just capable of it as this is an extremely dynamic and complex system, our data are being plugged into an ever-flowing river of highly complex events and we probably will never fully understand or know all the factors involved. What we can do is to curb the aggressive factors that come as a result of our activities to meaningfully limit the man-made part of contributions to this already volatile system.

It will have a number of positive and global life saving effects on many other fronts for the Earth’s Ecosystem and naturally on our lives, we can’t be blamed directly for what the Nature will throw at us, will stay out of the trouble because avoiding the damaging effects (relatively predictable, short time effects) inflicted on ourselves as well and will even grow as humans further towards more responsible and holistic approach to the matters of utmost importance – that in the end are crucial for our long term survival, our mind and well-being.

Who is opposing this?

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Mixed Currents

18 October 2015

Cirque II

The planet's climate is warming, people have noticed. We think of ourselves as of contributors to the effect and we are right, of course.

The change is quite rapid and the melting at the poles accelerates. At the moment, and for some time already, the thermal disturbance caused by cool flows from the poles slows and weakens warm currents in the Atlantic. The media celebrate it as a welcome counterbalance to the climate warming in the North of the Atlantic region.

In the meantime, the albedo of the planet will keep decreasing and humidity in the atmosphere rising further so we can expect the weather continue to be more dynamic. The changes in the Atlantic circulation will also have other effects in other regions. That way the chain of the changes to the more usual pattern will continue.

Models people have will not tell us how and to what results, as there is too small a database for creating efficient models of this type and the number of factors playing the role is too great, even if we only think of those that people have discovered. One thing for certain, though, the cooling effect of the new thermal situation on the ocean surface will not last long and all sorts of effects, including those of a cumulative nature, are expected afterwards, such as major effects on driving force of thermohaline circulation and formation of high density (heavy) water.

But that is all right. Something is always happening. And so despite our tendencies, like the one mentioned, when we celebrate prematurely, we can also realise that our genes are in a constant stage of evolutional fix because they are not perfect, perhaps not even good enough. The term evolutional isn’t necessary and can be replaced by any other term of our choice. But whatever the name, the process hasn’t stopped and it uses scenarios that present the right opportunity for it to carry on. And although the road to the magic of learning and experience is never painless or pleasant, it brings something you later don’t give up for anything else. That, fortunately, is in our genes already.

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