ECUADOR Chocó and Amazon Rainforest, Cloud Forests - Sunwaysite

ECUADOR Chocó and Amazon Rainforest, Cloud Forests

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Sigma 100-400 OS C @100mm, f7.1; Nikon D600
The puffing volcano hasn’t blasted for some days now, for at least five.
It was on the afternoon when we were climbing the rim back when it blew up.
The bangs are far less frequent these days but the force can be great.
Most have heard the bang of the jet breaking the sound barrier from a close distance.
Imagine something 10, 15 times as strong. It passes through the forest, rocks, ground and your body like through butter.
The first reflex is the primal instinct of the supernatural, and what shall I hold on to when nothing is spared that reverberating force?
The thought flashes for a fraction of a second, and that only because the bang came unexpected with your mind occupied elsewhere.
The next thought is rational – you wouldn’t like to be climbing that cone right now!
(Some climb the cone occasionally.) Early morning cloud forest