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Most of the photographs are scenes you would see if you lived hundreds, thousands or millions years ago

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Painted Stork

Saltwater Crocodile



Sacred Pools II

site update: 3rd April

Getting in touch. Sharing about the photography was never possible as easy, illustrative and thorough as it is today.

Get in touch for more details on the photographs, stories behind them or techniques used when taking them.

Please note that ICC profile information is not tagged to the resized images which can potentially cause inconsistencies for accurate colour on your display.

For accurate colour, we recommend using Firefox for viewing. If you are not using Firefox then using Safari or Chrome can be a good substitute as well.

We do not recommend Microsoft Edge for viewing photographs for multiple reasons related to colour management issues.


How far will we go in breaking our miraculous planet Earth balance before we unite and act?

There are too many of us and the free-for-all intellect will not suffice for us to complete our journey to human.

No politician, no organization and no leader will take us there. It is a journey for each of us solo. It takes a force no smaller than a decision of every one of us to pass this last test together.

Before it is a matter of survival let us not reduce the Earth to ruins. Without realising it, we and she are forever connected and our mind is fundamentally reflected in her existence and state. We truly are the children of the Earth and always will be with all the deep-reaching implications.

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