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28th June 2019

Building morals in the Internet age became harder.

The old methods don’t work well anymore as we come to terms with newly exposed realities.

We’ve taken several blows, quite some blows.

A ridge in the path of humanity. We were not doing best on the previous ones. It is how it looks from the distance then.

The blows are what we always are coming through.

They will keep coming as long as we walk further.

That is, forever (timewise).

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Arunachal Pradesh, Tezu:

Mob beat suspects in rape and brutal murder of five-year-old to death after dragging them from prison

20 February 2018

The Internet is the same thing as a fire or explosives. It is indispensable but dangerous, will cause damage if mishandled and it can be deadly just as it can be life-saving.

Those used to modern technology and society cope better though no one is immune to the challenges, sometimes extreme ones, this new kind of interaction brings. They involve our mind, are radically amplified by the Internet possibilities (violence, porn) and should be given appropriate attention and approached with caution otherwise there will be consequences and they can also be extreme.

The use of the Internet is no different to use of our mind but on a completely new level equally for both the good and the bad where the energies of our mental world and the whole psychology are amplified. People of all backgrounds need to face new challenges our time brings. Once again, some are relatively better equipped than others, though even this can turn relative and be somewhat deceiving for the effects can become evident in various ways and at various speeds. People in general need to give the Internet the meaning and weight it really has and not to portray and approach it merely as a toy. The fire or electricity can damage and kill and so can the Internet.

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The Internet Age

6 April 2017

Although we barely noticed, at the turn of the century, the Internet and the revolutionary development of devices based on electromagnetic radiation started a new era for humankind. New ways of communication and sharing that evolved at unprecedented speed affected profoundly our lives and minds on many levels of experience and knowledge without us fully realising the impact of such change. Various parts of the population in the past two decades acquired new ways and skills to use them at various speed. And the first generations are formed in these times.

They are losing or have lost the connections with the world before it. People only now start to notice the wider impact of the change and new realities that it brings with it while the force of the transformation penetrates further and deeper into more areas of the abstract and physical world of all parts of the population. As an example, it is only yesterday, that the Internet has become a real part of the culture with its laws as recognised by German government by approving a bill on the back of the EU last year initiative that realises that “Just like on the streets, there is also no room for criminal incitement on social networks.” This shows how shockingly unprepared we are for the arrival of times where virtual and abstract takes on dominating force in our and our children’s lives. In this case, making social media hubs responsible for content they generate and enabling to issue a fine if they fail to prevent or correct for activities that are unlawful in our physical world, including hate speech and using the network to spread fake news which has become a new phenomenon of which real power we learn to acknowledge. This shows the first indication, and that due to particular pressures in this and other European countries, of realising more about the implications of the new ways of life for us and of redefining the line between the free speech and easy-to-exploit anarchy. We are at the very start of this new era and it is certain it will be defined by more revolutionary technologies that will test our ability to face changes that come at a speed we have never experienced before.

As the European (and our cousins’) liberties increasingly emphasise material concept and approach to life (consumerism) we will become more vulnerable to the effects of such changes. We need to look at what is happening when we replace the real world with computer games and stuff it into heads of infants and the young instead, we need to consider the content and the scale just as we would a hundred years ago on a similar occasion. We need to look how our own lives are already distorted. And we need to understand that any one side has its opposite one. If one grows too large on its own, the structure collapses. So along with all the new we call advances, we will need to look back and cherish the old and long time known as well – like the responsibility, or will pay the price.

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