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Giant Squirrel

Nikkor 200-500 VR/TC 14 III @700mm, f8, ISO 1250(+ one stop underexposed); D750
(Ctrl + key) We stopped in our tracks, and did the routine - this time Zlatka moved smoothly and got the camera out and I continued the movement to the tripod. The squirrel remained nailed to the branch. That mostly means two things, it either considers us a serious threat, or it’s not bothered by our presence and it's even mildly curious about us. For now, it was looking at us. We started to be interested in our camera as if we have seen it for the first time in our life, and Zlatka shortly lost her interest and was looking bored aside into the undergrowth. Pointing the lens in its direction should tell more about its mood so that’s the routine next stage when the eyes stare straight at you but the scene is worth the try. The squirrel was in no rush to leave or move when I started pressing the shutter rotating the camera to vertical orientation after the close-up shot.
It turned out to be the second version and it seemed it quite liked to be in our presence.
Before we moved on I heard a sound. It could be a gust of wind coming from among the trees. It could also be something else as it was coming from Zlatka’s direction? And I see she is pointing her finger somewhere and I already see a muntjac male moving through the undergrowth.
I turned the lens and tried to get a clear view. And eventually got lucky and got a good shot.
So often in the forest you are stopped by something you aren’t sure it’s worth a look or shot and you are rewarded twice for the patience in the jungle is the key to magical encounters.
The squirrel was still moving around when we were leaving the spot.