On Trees and Birds and Fire

Summer Grazing

Milkmaids were selling dairy products to passing carts in the mountains sleeping and living in simple huts.

Under the Ridge

Four Huts

The lake on the right side was created by a landslide and buried a local summer farm of which remains are still visible under the surface. Summer farm was built here after the valley became more accessible. Landslides are very common in Norway and some trails are marked as dangerous because of a good possibility the hiker will become part of one. Those happening before are also nothing comfortable to get through.

The Third House

Horse Hooks

Medieval stave church, Lom (12th c.), tie-up hooks for horses.

Fishing Boat

Seine boat used to fish herring in the fjords (ca 1860).

7.  Barn ; Hordaland

8. Bridge

9,  Dichotomy

Lom, 12th c. carvings

10. Mountain Farm

Tradition is esteemed in Norway and so are the details linked with it.

Small farm producing locally Wild-sheep (also called Stone Age Sheep) and Highland cattle meat products and dairy.

11. Windows

Stone replacing (1277) a wooden temple (1023), Voss.

12 The Hybrid

13 Barn ; Øvre Svatsum

14  Barn ; Gausa Valley

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