Letter - Sunwaysite


29th July 2014

We need to ask ourselves a question how far we will go in breaking our miraculous planet Earth balance before we unite and act.

There are too many of us and the free-for-all intellect will not suffice for us to complete our journey to human.

No politician, no organization and no leader will take us there. It is a journey for each of us solo. It takes a force no smaller than a decision of every one of us to pass this last test together.

Before it is a matter of survival let us not reduce the Earth to ruins. Without realizing it, we and she are forever connected and our mind is fundamentally reflected in her existence and state. We truly are the children of the Earth and always will be with all the deep-reaching implications.

Is it all worth $15 a month per head of actively earning person in economically well established states ranging from an adequate percentage of GDP to zero for the rest? To our dignity and in the name of those coming in our footsteps? Invested in Management and bringing deliberate decisions to realisation. Is it still too much to ask? Isn't the state of our planet and civilisation worth the thought? It still is not??

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