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ECUADOR Chocó and Amazon Rainforest, Cloud Forests

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Milvus 35/1.4 @f6.3, ND filter, 1s; Nikon D600
later towards the noon
The final photograph of the series. Looking at the scene right now inspires thought of a different kind for a second.
As Trump’s egg is about to hatch in Brazil. It seems the problem of the phenomenon comes mainly from achieving new lows. The ‘new’ has always had the gravity of sudden - easy - solutions, sometimes on the back of otherwise partially substantiated moves or corrections.
A simple mind in such a role can magnify the effect by shock, then normalise it by the very role and power of this post to such inclined people. Let’s remember that the Republicans, conscious Americans, were long and ferociously resisting the pull.
But the history and experience show that freak events happen for a reason and need to run its course then, sooner or later, no matter for how long and what consequences they might bring. There always seems to be some sort of complacency prior to that. I would say this was shown ostentatiously in places. Still, it seems there never is level ground on which we can rest, that it appears to be an illusion we would like to exist. That instead, one can only go up to hold up the level with time whereas staying still sets the course for going down (to make us climb again).