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ECUADOR Chocó and Amazon Rainforest, Cloud Forests

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Forest IV

Sigma 100-400 0S C @100mm, f8; Nikon D600
About every five miles or so, we came across a waft of a delightful floral scent. It was tempting to ascribe the surreally pleasant scent to the pink flowering tree like this, but we couldn’t verify this.
Last time when smell like this overcame us was on a warm day at a shore of the Lake St Clair resembling a scent of pink (coincidentally) dwarf carnations that you can find in some rock gardens (close to their natural form).
The scent was sweeter in comparison, almost heavy with sweetness, spicier with a strong note of clove. This one, while similarly striking, felt heavenly-floral and more delicate. It made you want to stop the canoe. The sense of smell may not be the most acute of our senses, but experience tells us that its record is stored deep in the brain for a very long time and more accurately than
information of any other sensory system. Amazon