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ECUADOR Chocó and Amazon Rainforest, Cloud Forests

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Bat Falcon

Nikkor 200-500 VR/TC 14 III @700mm, f8, ISO 360; Nikon D750
crop APS-H, morning light, cloud forest
Although the Europe’s adored religion of Greed (today, an overkill adaptation of the Europe's past migrants) has mostly spread across the globe with success, there are still places where insect can live and so can these falcons.
The male (here) feeds almost exclusively on large insects (occasionally bats) whereas the larger female’s diet includes birds.
This will come counterintuitive but the falcons are more closely related to parrots, song birds and seriemas than they are to the other birds of prey. Their evolution is a result of convergence rather than evolutional relation to (the other) birds of prey.