Strandzha & Central North

Strandzha is the richest forest in Europe and, in many respect a very unique space. It has almost 1700 plant species, of which 56 are endemic. Tens of relict plant species and a large number of yet undescribed Invertebrates. The same applies to habitat diversity.      Due to its geographic situation, the area was unaffected by glacial periods pulsing through Europe and thus represents a rare environment (forests) characteristic for Tertiary. The high degree of preservation was helped by the fact that it creates a border with Turkey, and the whole region was virtually separated from the rest of the country in the past. Dominant are large expanses of oak/beech warm forests (Hungarian oak, sessile oak, Strandzhan oak, oriental beech) that blend with tens of very specific habitats of the region. Fauna is exceptionally rich. We could be talking about the best preserved populations of otter, wolf, golden jackal, boars, 23 species of reptiles or very rich avifauna.

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