NEW SOUTH WALES - Sunwaysite

New South Wales

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The Black Boy

70-300 L @70mm, f4, Gibraltar Range; 600D

Along a boggy plain grows Black Boy. It’s what Aborigines called the Grass Tree, an ancient plant from prehistoric times.
The “tree” grows very slowly, just about a millimetre per year. Fires are a common event to it.
The plant had many uses such as for making fire, fermented drink (flowers), tools (from the seeds), fishing spear shafts (the flowering spike),
resin for very good adhesive and a few more. The plant lives respectable number of centuries.

I stopped for a while; and looked somewhere past the black boy. Looking for the last boy that walked along on his walkabout.
Scorching air waved and I seemed to see their slim silhouettes, the times they brought with them and were slowly disappearing in.
We walked this very same path and continue walking it.
Differences we see are no more than a fluff in the air and can be blown away in couple of days.
Our termite mound built on the Earth is as fragile as non-existent; we can find out easier than we think.
But.. are we incredibly amazing creatures. Capable of darkest evil and at the same time the highest beauty that walks, I seem to see, beyond just that slightly wavy horizon..
or beyond edges of our mind, whether through our intelligence or emotions.

oh yeah, coming.. it's Zlatka calling..
turned around a second back to Black Boy, just to realise we don’t really part.

There is a silhouette disappearing in the distance along the boggy plain.
Has some way to go.