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The Road Train, Great Northern Hwy

tokina 11-16 @16mm, f9; D90
You don’t want to mess with this vehicles. They are long and go regularly 130 kph. Always very cautious overtaking or whatever about them. A sudden use of brakes and their tires can be in pieces. This is a short one, I wouldn’t call it a road train.
When the dark falls, the animals are to be reckon with. Heaps of white bones along the Australian North hwys are the reminder as well as the dead bodies and scavengers. 4x4 bumper is a wise addition to your 4WD however hard you try to avoid hitting an animal. Time to time you spot a rusty car of 70ties, 60ties aside. A long way everywhere and few people in a huge area.
Smoke still raising here and ash flying around. Took me a while to get it lighted, it's the preferred version.