Stump-tailed Macaque II

Nikkor 200-500 VR/TC 14 III @280mm, f8, ISO 1000 (+1.3 EV), Nikon Z 6

Forest floor in the early morning, a castaway; a rare glimpse into the past opened to my camera.

Countless parts - corresponding numbers of varying magnitudes that interact in indirect proportions are why the size is critical for the forest ecosystem. It is also important for its microclimates and resilience to human development (such as intensive agriculture). The bridges sometimes created in restorative efforts can only do so much as a substitute for size. In the real world today, though, various levels of these connections in nature are parts of ingenious solutions to help the environment effectively. Larger, healthy habitats, where they still exist, can also function as life-support to smaller islands of biotopes.

Hoollongapar jungle

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