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Recent Developments in Photographic Tools

9 June 2015

Last 3 years saw significant evolutionary progress of digital technologies and in development of tools for photographers. This is my summary of those that are most important and influential as seen from a photographer’s standpoint.

Introduction of 135 format lines of cameras with 24 - 36 Mp and opening the format to a wide market (D600, D800/E, 6D, A7/R)

Increase in sensor size across the entire range of segments and emergence of compact solutions at the same time; increase in cost/performance ratio 

Introduction of Sigma Global Vision lenses and some unique designs 

Development of mirrorless systems

Wider integration of electronic shutter

Introduction of phase Fresnel lens in Nikkor 300/4 VR accessed a refined stage of the technology to a wider market

Introduction of Pentax 645Z

And a distinct step forward in maturity of colour management environment; associated technologies entering wider market; evolution of IPS technologies

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