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Lesser False Vampire Bat

Nikkor 200-500 VR/TC 14 III @700mm, f9, ISO 800, speedlight ; D750
crop (a hair less than APS-H)
You glimpse these specialised hunters often in the dark. Their style reminds more of an owl rather than your typical insects catching flying bat. They are carnivores living in small groups, their strong jaws with large teeth and other adaptations enable them to hunt unusually wide range of prey such as big insects, lizards (like geckos), frogs, small mammals or fish. They forage and hunt on short search flights very low above the ground or perched scanning for the prey that they often bring to the nearby roosting site in trees or caves. They are known for tuning their echolocation by the ability of the particular prey to detect it and by the type of the surroundings (cluttered spaces) and can just as well hunt without the echolocation.