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Good and Bad People

About interventions

17 December 2016

There sometimes are events that make others think about intervening in other country’s affairs to promote democracy and concept of our values, for example during the events of so-called Arab Spring. But that is not always such a great idea because these interventions are tricky and we need to have respect for important basics that we may overlook or disregard.

Most important is that countries and societies have their own path and that in their cultural and political context. Our own ideas cannot be projected into it as the genuine development or course of events cannot be skipped. Not beyond a certain point at least. The experience involved in the process is an essential part of any change and just as important as the goal itself. One needs to be thinking about this before intervening, the more radical the intervention is to be, the more cautious approach to such involvement is needed.

(This note is not even aimed at interventions for our own political and economic goals.)

9 November 2016

It’s an ancient process that today can be put this way:

When liberal elite loses touch with reality, the reality will storm back reinforced.

The process of learning to distinguish values has a long curve but that is what is ultimately needed to handle them.

We can view it as evolution of mind. It always has sine curve character which is representing change and alternation, just as all conceptions based on dual concept do.

2 March 2016

There is a lot of noise all over the world that lately is as if culminating. Europe, USA you name it.

But these are old issues. If you come forward with a moral idea, you have to be twice as morally strong as the idea itself. Unless you are, the idea turns into utopia, a naive step on the path towards the ideal your immature soul aspires to.

99% of the world and nations leaders had ideas and ideals that were over their minds and moral strength. So the history is marked with courses that were paths and lessons on which it is built further towards the great ideals.

Morally high ideal without insight into reality and deep respect for it is another episode of a human growing up and the society with it.

At the end of the path, there are not bad people and good people. No higher ideas and lower ones. There only is right act and naive act. We all need the path of the naive act to mature into the right one. The naivety is blessing on the path that only we ourselves throw away when it served its purpose. This can’t be given to another person, to nations, to humanity and it never will be, just as one can’t steal a soul. And if he does, it will backlash and make a full correction.

The only thing you can is to tell the truth. But the truth is never naive. So no one listens to it and no one likes it. But that’s OK. It rules our world regardless as the human race inches forward.



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