Borneo - Sunwaysite
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Sigma 50 A @f6.3; D600
This image may not be evoking peace to everyone but it sure does to us. After a couple of years we got soaked to the bone like small kids in a torrential downpour just a few hundred meters from our camp. Lesson reminded: Never stray even the shortest distance without the right equipment in the tropics. It actually can take some skill to pull out even a handy umbrella because to get soaked to the bone can take as little as 3 seconds if you have missed the warning signs. And the warning signs can last just under 20 seconds. That’s just enough to sort out the camera equipment. At this point we already got rid of our clothes and were taking care of the stuff that needed it, and Zlatka busy just turned up mentioning I might stop polishing the tripod head and shoot this scene.