Tasmania - Sunwaysite
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Black Currawong

Canon 70-300 L @300mm, f5.6, Lake St Clair, midday light; 600D

This bird strikes like a crow or raven at first but they are not closely related groups of birds.
With these birds (and their calls) we shared our world during our two months stay in the Wild.
I had a good opportunity to photograph it only once though, and it turned out successful.
It was on the bank of Lake St Clair where we spotted a pair hunting for insects at the ground level (the run & grab style).
There were quite relaxed on the ground and focused on catching the insects.
I gave it a try and came out with a series of about 20 frames of which about 5 very good ones.
Very happy to have captured these mates in exquisite detail. Native to Tasmania.