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Edith River; Nitmiluk

Tokina 11-16 @16 mm, f7.1, midday light
We encountered out of ordinary weather during our journey for a regular May.
Locals observe and think some changes that seem to have form of a shift further into the beginning of the Dry in terms of occurrence of the rains.

At the same time the cyclones seem to be more hesitant to see the continent at usual time. That was exactly what happened all of the sudden in the middle of May.
Rain took everyone by surprise, so did the flooding and other consequent associations that come in mind if you live here. Therefore the climate wasn’t typical. Nor was the humidity coupled with temperatures and insect activities.
After the heavy rains atmospheric moisture started its circle fed by very high temperatures resulting in heavy showers meaning that the rains are not over yet. That turned out a little complicated when spending nights in mosquito net to mention just one thing.
On the other hand, we were rewarded with clouds that we would never see at this time and could experience Wet climate aspects of the weather mixed with what's usually beginning of the Dry.