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GREGORY National Park

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Billabong ; West Gregory

Nikkor 16-85 @22 mm, f10; D90
The view opened when we hit this billabong suddenly. None of several Gregory famous 4WD tracks could get us here at the time. True, we didn't try a caterpillar.
Anyway, we succeeded in losing the path. Or choosing the one gradually disappearing and finally gone.
There was the known question, is it that we lost the way or it just is meant to be like that (by the nature of it).
However, landmarks were at sight so we kept cool; most of our hikes no one knew about us. The bush seems somewhat bigger when each step must be negotiated smart.
Well, sometimes it is good to get lost. And the track wasn’t far away either as we found out later. The Billabong has access to it from the other side but the views can't compare.
Soon we continued our goal to the East Baines River. This is a morning shot, we set off at dawn, the day was very hot.
Ngraringman people used to live in the area. They are extremely recent times, taken from a stone age culture point of view. With no change in the enviroment.